New Characters and More in the King of Fighters Allstar Update

With a fighting game set in the King of Fighters universe, Netmarble is a dominant force in the mobile gaming industry (KOF). Although it has been around for a while and goes by the name KOF Allstar , the company continues to provide fresh content. A new character and other features have been added in the most recent KOF Allstar update.

If you’ve never played KOF Allstar, it’s a mobile game based on the world of the well-known 1v1 fighting game King of Fighter. The gameplay of this game is different from that of others, though. It’s a beat-’em-up game where you’re up against a ton of foes rather than a 1v1 fighting game.

In addition to a campaign mode where you play through with a predetermined plot, there are additional modes that allow you jump right in and start stomping on foes. You should be aware that this software is a well-known gacha title if you’re interested in downloading it. You will be advised to take your wallet because there are several opportunities to make purchases.

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A TON OF NEW CONTENT IS ADDED IN THIS RECENT KOF ALLSTAR UPDATE. Let’s begin with the new character that will be included in the upcoming KOF Allstar update. XV Krohnen is the name of the character. He is a defense-type fighter of the Purple element. Extreme Fighters ATK increases by 40% and Critical rate increases by 13% for this character.

You’ll also get some new, exclusive game modes with this character. You’ll have a new Krohnen Rush Dungeon to start with. Players will receive rare enchantment hammers and rubies as daily rewards with this one. The Exchange Shop will also sell new combat cards to gamers.

A new XV Krohnen Event Tower has been built. Only if you have either Kyo or XV Krohnen unlocked can you unlock this tower. As you go through enemy-filled levels, you’ll have the opportunity to win rewards. Rewards including Krohnens Coin, an EXP Mystery Box, and a Memory Mystery Box of BS of SS Fighters are available for earning.

Advertisement If you’re eager to take advantage of these new benefits, this event ought to be accessible right now. Download the app to begin receiving prizes.



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