While being repaired, Repair Mode keeps your Galaxy device secure.

Samsung has recently created a new method for Galaxy customers to protect their devices. Repair Mode is what it’s called, and it keeps Galaxy phones safe while they’re left at repair facilities.

Leaving your smartphone in a repair shop is a scary experience. You might need to unlock your device while it is being repaired. This indicates that there is a chance the employee will have access to your personal information and files.

SAMSUNG FINALLY MADE A REPAIR MODE FOR GALAXY DEVICES, THANKFULLY Users of the Galaxy can find some comfort in Samsung introduced ‘s (through Sam Mobile ) Repair Mode. This mode really locks down a portion of your phone’s data so that the repairman cannot access it.

Advertisement Some repairs require the technician to have access to specific apps. For instance, you would want them to have access to your camera so they could test it out if you were having the camera module replaced. The problem is that they can see your pictures and movies when you open the camera.

So, Repair Mode comes into play here. You may activate Repair Mode by going to your settings and selecting the Battery and Device Care option. You’ll have the ability to decide exactly what you want to lock down before you proceed.

You may select messages, pictures, apps, accounts, etc. Your phone will restart once you’ve decided what you wish to lock down. You will only view the data that you have not chosen to lock down when you log into your phone. You only need to restart the phone and authenticate with your fingerprint or pattern to get your phone back to normal.

Advertisement You won’t be able to enable this feature if your screen is seriously damaged or if the phone is otherwise not functional because it has to be activated on the phone. At that point, you’ll just have to take a chance.

There is also the worry that the technician might be able to avoid Repair Mode. You might occasionally need to give the repairman your phone’s login information. Could you unlock your phone with these credentials and get it out of repair mode? I guess we’ll have to wait for more details on that.

IT IS GRADUALLY LEAVING This functionality is currently being made available to a select group of users. Users of the Galaxy S21 can get it in Korea. As time passes, this will expand to additional markets, so keep an eye out for the functionality.



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