Konami Announces Important New Silent Hill Video Game And Film Projects

The biggest news of the transmission for ardent fans of Konami’s psychological horror series may have been the reveal of a brand-new remake of “Silent Hill 2,” complete with a trailer. “Silent Hill 2” has a special place in the shriveled black hearts of horror lovers because it is often recognized as the best “Silent Hill” game and one of the best horror games of all time.

The excellent news is especially welcome following the numerous setbacks SH2 fans have experienced since the game’s first PlayStation 2 release. After the first “Silent Hill” movie’s poor box office results, hopes for a big-screen adaptation died, and a clumsy, problematic 2012 remaster (through Silent Hill Historical Society ) failed to pique the interest of the fanbase. But what Konami unveiled isn’t simply a remaster—a it’s total remake of the original game, overseen by Masahiro Ito and Akira Yamaoka, the game’s original composer and artist. The Polish developer Bloober Team is handling development under their direction.

Bloober Team is known for its expertise in the horror genre; some of its unique works include “Layers of Fear,” “Observer,” and “The Medium.” The business proved it could handle well-known horror IP with its 2019 rendition of “Blair Witch.” Silent Hill is the game that caused many members of the Bloober Team to fall in love with horror games, according to CEO Piotr Babieno, who also acknowledged the impact of the “Silent Hill” series and “Silent Hill 2” in particular on the business.

The biggest news in the most recent Konami Transmission may not be the announcement of specific games so much as Konami’s renewed dedication to the growth and expansion of the entire “Silent Hill” IP. In keeping with that, Konami unveiled a number of fresh collaborations with projects in the works that go far beyond their well-known video games and movies. A new game set on the “Silent Hill” universe is called “Silent Hill: Townfall.” Hard information about the new game is scarce, but it was created by No Code Studio and Annapurna Interactive, the same developer-publisher team behind the BAFTA-winning horror games “Observation” and “Stories Untold.”

The typical limits of “Silent Hill” are broken even farther by “Silent Hill: Ascension.” Ascension is “a live, real-time interactive series,” according to the feed. The “Ascension” streaming series, which is being produced by Konami, JJ Abrams’ Bad Robot, Behaviour, and DJ2, seems to be an interactive one in which viewers will be able to vote on and alter on-screen events. These incidents will shape the plot’s course and contribute to the “Silent Hill” canon. The show is expected to premiere in 2023.

What may have been its most intriguing offering was the Konami Transmission’s final offering. The stream displayed an cinematic trailer for a project named “Silent Hill F” that was both artistic and scary (view with caution, especially if you’re trypophobic). While little is known about the gameplay, Ryukishi07, the creator of the “When They Cry” visual novel series, will write the game’s narrative. Graphic artist Kera will be responsible for much of the design. For their ‘Silent Hill’ tale set in 1960s Japan, the two worked together to build a completely new world.


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