The 5 Expensive Mercedes That Have Ever Been Sold At Auction

History can come at a premium cost when it comes to ancient cars. This 1936 Mercedes-Benz 540K Special Roadster’s condition is it caught $11,770,000 . Car collectors all around the world have a deep affection for the pre-war 540K. Only 400 were ever made, and there were only 25 variants under the 540K Special Roadster brand. At Gooding and Company in 2012, specifications and history came together to build a special 540K Special Roadster, the fantasy of an unnamed buyer.

The hand-crafted 540K Special Roadster, widely recognized as one of the greatest pre-war Benzes of all time, was a work of art. Its 180 horsepower engine with a supercharger gave it a top speed of 115 mph. A semi-automatic 4-speed transmission, unique pigskin interiors, high doors, and a windscreen suited for lengthy drives on the Autobahn were all included with the vehicle.

In terms of history, owners of the 540K include Hermann Goering, a Nazi war criminal, and film producer Jack Warner. The Old Prussian noble Baroness Josephine von Krieger, who had an fascinating and tragic biography. credit rating, owned the model that was marketed by Gooding


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