In upcoming smartphones, OnePlus plans to bring back the Alert Slider.

You may have heard the news by this point. The distinctive feature that OnePlus has had on nearly all of its high-end phones for the previous few years is absent from the OnePlus 10T: the Alert Slider. While the feature is no longer available on this device, OnePlus insists that it is still under development.

Since the Alert Slider initially debuted on the OnePlus Two, the OnePlus 10T is the first flagship-level smartphone from the company to go without it. The Alert Slider provides customers with a tactile switch that enables easy switching between the silent, vibrate, and ringer models without ever turning on the display. Even if it takes some getting accustomed to, overall, it’s a wonderful feature.

Why did this most recent update remove the Alert Slider?

According to OnePlus, the Alert Slider’s removal for the sake of space was a necessary compromise for the phone’s new, useful technologies. A new antenna array and a 125W-150W fast charging mechanism with a little bigger battery are those things. If the slider had remained in place, the OnePlus 10T would reportedly have featured a 4,500 mAh battery rather than a 4,800 mAh battery, or it would have made the smartphone thicker.

The decision as to whether these compromises were beneficial rests with the user, but the good news is that OnePlus is still working on the feature.

As time goes on, OnePlus claims it will find a way to get over this technical obstacle and preserve the Alert Slider in next smartphones. It’s important to remember that this is merely OnePlus indicating that it hopes to accomplish that; it’s not a certainty that future OnePlus devices will bring the slider back.

In order to bring better technologies while preserving our distinctive alert slider, our product team hopes to tackle this technical and design barrier in future products. The alert slider is absent from the OnePlus 10T, but this does not mean that it will be dropped from other OnePlus devices in the future.

While OnePlus’ claims are undoubtedly true in many respects, it’s also interesting to consider how the OnePlus 10 Pro actually operated. The size of what appears to be the Alert Slider’s actual component in a deconstruction of that device is relatively modest. According to OnePlus, the component is 30mm wide.

The Alert Slider exposed on OnePlus 10 Pro

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