How to identify fake company reviews on Google Maps and Search and report them

Scam one-star reviews on Google Maps and Search are having a significant negative impact on local companies. Fortunately, there is a mechanism to report scammers you believe are attempting to damage the reputation of a local company. You can follow these instructions to report fake reviews on Google Maps and Google Search.

One-star scam reviews on Google It goes without saying that not all reviews with one star are written by con artists. Negative ratings that some companies receive are all their own fault. That’s not to suggest that frauds using one-star reviews don’t occur, either.

In fact, a recent wave of negative reviews has been affecting numerous businesses all throughout the United States. Following the publication of these false evaluations, the authors attempt to extort money from the company in exchange for the review’s removal.

Businesses have been observed publicly responding to the writers of these unfavorable evaluations, alerting everyone that they are the victims of extortion. Unfortunately, a few one-star ratings might often be enough to tilt the scales in favor of local businesses with a less than stellar review rating. However, this can be resolved by marking these Google reviews as spam.

SCAM GOOGLE REVIEW REPORTING AND FLAGGING If you come across these evaluations on Google Maps or Google Search, it’s critical that you report them right away. One of the simplest ways to alert Google to harmful activity is in this way. You can flag the review to have Google take a look at it, even if you can see that the company responded to the con artist.

Here’s how to report fake ratings on Google Search or Maps:

CHROME ON Find the company profile in Google Maps or Google Search on your smartphone. If you’re in Google Search, look for the review rating and click Google Reviews. Scroll through the reviews if you’re in Maps. Click the three-dot menu next to the bogus review. Hit Report review or Flag as inappropriate. Google Maps for Android

Go to the Google Maps app on your Android device. By conducting a business search, you can locate the company profile. Find the scam review by clicking Reviews. Press the three-dot menu button. Hit Report evaluation

Internet search

Launch the Google app on your Android phone or tablet. Discover the company profile you’re looking for. Hit Reviews after browsing the business themes. Look up the scam evaluation. Press the three-dot menu button. Hit Report evaluation

You’ll need to enter further information in each of these situations after clicking Report review. The Google review that has been marked will then be investigated further when you do that. Hopefully that bogus review will be taken down so that the affected company won’t have to deal with it.

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