The AAWireless adaptor for wireless Android Auto is now available from Amazon.

Thanks to the growth of aftermarket adapters, wireless Android Auto has swiftly become a reality for many people, but some of them are still extremely challenging to find. AAWireless, the first wireless Android Auto adapter, is now available on Amazon.

2020 saw the debut of AAWireless, a crowdfunded initiative that promised to make wireless Android Auto available in any vehicle that previously supported the cable version. Because it hadn’t been completed at the time, it was an ambitious promise. Nevertheless, the project’s little sponsor succeeded, and shipping of units began in early 2021.

But AAWireless didn’t finally graduate from Indiegogo and begin selling the gadget on its own website until just last month. Customers now have a different choice.

now on sale at Amazon is AAWireless.

Update 8/8: The availability of AAWireless on Amazon seems to have stabilized after fluctuating throughout the first two weeks. In addition, Amazon is now shipping the item at standard Prime prices, with delivery starting as soon as 2-3 business days as opposed to the first 5 days.

Although it’s crucial to keep in mind that this currently only applies to the US, the adapter costs the same $89 on Amazon as it does from the manufacturer’s website. The AAWireless team informs us that once certifications are in place, Europe will be the next region in line, and that Canada and Australia will also experience Amazon sales later this year.

Of course, purchasing the same dongle via Amazon is identical to purchasing it from AAWireless’ own website or, before, Indiegogo. The straightforward dongle connects to your phone via Bluetooth and plugs into your car to enable a wireless connection for Android Auto, which is relatively uncommon in most cars. Along with the tools needed to make adjustments if there are compatibility problems, the dongle includes an app that allows customers a little bit more control over their experience.

Not just AAWireless but other dongles also do this. The Motorola MA1 is a straightforward plug-and-play dongle that costs the same $89 but is incredibly difficult to find in stock, and Google lent its support to it. Another choice that sticks out is Carsifi, which recently launched selling outside of Indiegogo and has a Magic Button that can switch between devices instantly.

The company behind the adaptor assures us that there is plenty of stock available through direct channels if you happen to catch AAWireless out of stock with on Amazon .

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