Google Introduces New Tools For Video Editing On Chromebooks

Chromebooks are currently developing into very capable productivity tools. The time when these were viewed as bloated Chrome browsers is long gone. Recently, Google revealed new capabilities for Chromebooks, including a new video editor.

We recently learned that Google Photos would soon be available on ChromeOS. The software’s built-in native photo editor will be replaced by this. The Photos video editor will also be available on Chromebooks.

A NEW VIDEO EDITOR IS COMING TO CHROMEBOOKS. There are two distinct methods for using this video editor. The first approach is the most Google thing ever and is for complete newbies. The only thing left to do is choose which images, songs, and video clips to use. The remainder of the task will then be handled by the software. For you, it will produce and edit the movie.

Advertisement Do not worry if you do not want that. Additionally, there is a mode that enables you to build the video from scratch. You can add filters like the RealTone filters and have access to the data in your Google Photos. You can also include music and title cards if you believe they are necessary for your video.

You’ll have seamless access to your Google Photos-stored stuff. Additionally, you will be able to access the editor directly from the Files app.

NOT ENOUGH, GOOGLE PHOTOS MOVIE EDITOR? HOW ABOUT LUMAFUSION, THAN? There will be some cool tools in the Google Photos Movie editor, but there will undoubtedly be a lot of guidance. If you want to experience video editing in greater depth.

Advertisement A while back, this award-winning video editor made its debut on iPhones and iPads. Earlier this year, it was transferred to the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. Within the next few months, Chromebooks will get access to this high-quality video editor.

CHROMEOS IS GETTING OTHER ADDITIONS First, a new PDF editing tool will be included in the Gallery app. This will come in handy for both editing and signing documents.

Use the Screencast app to record presentations and watch transcripts of them. This was initially only available to a small number of people. Anybody can now use this app.

Advertisement You can write handwritten notes on ChromeOS using the Cursive app. You can edit and arrange those notes however you like using the program. You may quickly share your notes with another program or save them as a PDF file if you want to distribute them.

In the upcoming months, there will be a lot to look forward to with ChromeOS. These will benefit a wide range of people, including students and businesspeople.


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