NVIDIA Adds More Android Phones To GeForce NOW 120fps Gaming

On a select few phones, GeForce NOW on Android has long supported 120 frames per second. But NVIDIA today affirms that it will be increasing that support. Not all phones will, of course, be supported. However, the expansion will undoubtedly go a long way toward persuading customers to use the service on a mobile device.

Although more Android devices now support 120 fps cloud gaming thanks to today’s GeForce NOW update. There are more games to play because it is a GeForce NOW Thursday. You will thus have a greater range of games to choose from, regardless of the platform you use to play. assuming you possess the games being added today.

ALL ANDROID DEVICES WITH A 120FPS DISPLAY WILL BE SUPPORTED BY GEFORCE NOW 120FPS CLOUD GAMING At first, just a small number of phones from a small number of manufacturers supported 120 frames per second. among them are, to name a few, Google, ASUS, OnePlus, and Samsung. NVIDIA started sending out the functionality to all devices in June, but only for a select few customers. However, the feature is now being widely deployed, so pretty much everyone should have access soon.

Advertisement The RTX 3080 tier of the service must be selected as your only additional requirement. The only plan that provides the greater refresh rate is the $20 monthly tier. While the priority tier’s 60 frames per second isn’t bad, the smoother 120 frames per second makes games.

THIS WEEK, TEN NEW GAMES ARE BEING ADDED. There are 10 new games being introduced to the service this week, as we said earlier when we talked about new games. This includes Hell Pie , a brand-new title available as of July 21 on Steam and the Epic Games Store. In addition, there are also the following games being added: Outward Definitive Edition, Endling Extraction Is Forever, Hazel Sky, Panzer Arena: Prologue, TombStar, Curious Expedition 2, Darksiders Genesis, Dungeon Defenders: Going Rogue.

Last but not least, if you play Fortnite, you should do it between now and August 4 using GeForce NOW. If you comply, NVIDIA will offer you the Dish-stroyer Pickaxe item to use in-game on August 11.


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