GMC Unveils $107,000 Beast With 400-Mile Range: 2024 Sierra Pickup Truck EV

It’s a race to develop a high-range, high-power pickup truck that will appease EV purists who are averse to them.

The range of the 2024 GMC Sierra EV Denali Edition 1 pickup truck will be 400 miles, as opposed to 240 miles for the Ford F-150 Lightning and slightly over 300 miles for the Rivian RT1 electric vehicle. With 754 horsepower and 785 lb-ft of torque when operating in maximum power mode, it also packs a tremendous amount of power into its enormous frame.

In terms of hauling, towing, and overall power, it leaves little to be desired, according to Duncan Aldred, vice president of Global Buick and GMC.

COMPETITION AND PRICE The GMC Sierra EV pickup truck, which goes on sale in 2024, will cost $107,000, making it one of the priciest electric pickups. The Rivian RT1 and GMC’s own Hummer, both of which cost around $100,000 depending on trim and upgrades, will be its main competitors at that price.

While GMC intends to introduce the Sierra EV with the most luxurious 2024 version, two more stripped-down trims—the AT4 and Elevation—will follow. According to a GMC spokesman, The Elevation will launch “in the center of the truck market, approximately $50,000.”

In 2024 and 2025, buyers wishing to spend roughly $50,000 on a pickup vehicle will have numerous options. The base models of the 2022 and 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning will cost roughly that amount, as will the all-new 2024 Chevy Silverado EV, 2024 RAM pickup (Opens in a new window) , and Tesla Cybertruck (assuming it isn’t postponed once again, that is).

EFFECTIVE PERFORMANCE The Sierra EV pickup truck will have the capacity to “crabwalk,” or turn its “rear wheels in unison and at the same angle as the front wheels, permitting diagonal movement of the vehicle,” for anyone worried about parallel parking the vehicle or maneuvering it in and out of tight areas. Since it will have the same capability as the Tesla Cybertruck, the Sierra can challenge it to a crabwalk-off.

According to GMC, the truck’s maximum power mode has 754 horsepower, 785 lb-ft of torque, and a 0 to 60 acceleration time of less than 4.5 seconds. The $300,000 Cadillac sedan EV will do the same task in 3.8 seconds, which is a relatively small difference for a much smaller, more costly vehicle. That is pretty quick for such a massive vehicle.

TRAVEL CAPABILITY Drivers will immediately note the truck’s large bed, which GMC claims offers 11 feet of storage space. The truck’s “tow mode” and “off road” settings will be useful when used in conjunction with that for heavy hauls and commercial activities.

GMC markets the car as a potent, little tow truck with a maximum towing capacity of 9,500 pounds. However, keep in mind that the top-of-the-line 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning model, which costs approximately $75,000, has a towing capacity of up to 10,000 pounds, according to MotorTrend reports (Opens in a new window) . If tow capacity is your main issue, that amounts to a save of more than $25,000.

According to GMC, the “first-ever MultiPro Midgate expanded bed enables space for hauling longer things while still permitting room for a rear-seat passenger.”
SCREEN IN THE DASH AND SELF-DRIVING SOFTWARE The Sierra’s 16.8-inch touch panel with plenty of infotainment rivals Teslas’ 17-inch displays in size.

Super Cruise, a “hands-free driver assistance technology that can drive on more than 400,000 miles of compatible roads in the US and Canada,” will be available on the Sierra, according to GMC. Additionally, it is “trailer-capable.” Since GMC did not provide a lot of details, it is likely that autonomous driving is not a key distinction.

INTERIOR SEE AND FEEL With plush seats and plenty of legroom, the truck makes good on its promise to be a comfortable ride. You can raise it by 2 inches to feel more like sitting on a throne or lower it by 2 inches for easier access.

According to GMC, the seats are built of high-quality materials with “extraordinary attention to detail,” including a streamlined dashboard and seat stitching that evokes the truck’s aggressive appearance.


The dash has a wireless charger and fine wood materials. The roof is built of fixed, panoramic glass above.

RANGE AND BATTERY The truck’s enormous battery capacity, which results in a 400-mile range, is probably the main factor contributing to its high price. (The Chevy Silverado will have a 400-mile range as well.) No trucks currently on the road have such a great range, with the Ford F-150 Lightning and Rivian RT1 having a range of 200 to 320 miles, depending on trim.

Both the Sierra and Silverado, which are owned by GM, will employ the brand’s exclusive Ultium battery platform and accompanying Ultium Charge 360 app to locate chargers and track battery life. The Sierra can draw up to 100 miles of range from 350kWh public fast chargers in just 10 minutes, according to GMC, which they call “the best charging capability in the EV truck market.”

Charges in both directions The Sierra will also offer bi-directional charging, which enables the battery’s charge to be used as a generator to power things like tailgates, camping equipment, phones, and similar items.

According to GMC, “The Sierra EV has the capacity to off board 10.2Kw of electricity, enough to run the critical gadgets in a properly equipped home for up to 21 days.”

It will be one of a select few cars that can operate in both directions; the Ford F-150 Lightning also enables this. By enabling car owners to sell stored energy back to utility companies during periods of peak use, General Motors (GM) intends to turn bi-directional charging into a source of income for vehicle owners.

SUMMARY OF STATS Year of Model: 2024

Price: $107,000
Range in Miles: 400 Miles
100 miles of range may be reached after just 10 minutes of charging with DC fast charging.
Size of the dash screen: 16.8 inches
Limited SuperCruise driver assistance features allow for self-driving.
Trunk Size: The truck bed’s total storage space, including the front trunk or “frunk,” is 11 feet.
754 horsepower in maximum power mode.
785 lb-ft of torque in maximum power mode.
Going from 0 to 60 takes 4.5 seconds.
Battery warranty: It will likely have a similar 8-year warranty to that of the Hummer EV.
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