The Biggest iPhone Plant in the World Prepares for a New COVID-19 Outbreak

This week, Foxconn Technology Group introduced a number of new work procedures in an effort to stop the emergence of a new COVID-19 epidemic in the Chinese city of Zhengzhou.

The largest iPhone plant in the world is located in Zhengzhou, where Foxconn is desperately trying to maintain output while simultaneously abiding by the tough Zero-COVID regulations of the Chinese government. Given that the campus is home to some 300,000 employees, many of whom live in dorms together, it is a challenging undertaking.

Foxconn strives to limit employee interaction as much as possible because COVID-19 can spread quickly within groups of people. Each employee is given three free meals a day, but they are only permitted to consume them in their dormitory. Since the firm has outlawed “eating in,” no social meals are permitted for the foreseeable future. Even in the dorms, N95 masks are needed to be worn, and employees undergo regular testing.

Along with providing transportation subsidies to get them to and from their hostels with the least amount of interaction possible, the departments especially in charge of producing the iPhone are also given minor pay bonuses for consistently arriving at work on time.

Workers who live off-campus are being required to move into dorms, and the routes they are permitted to use on campus are being curtailed. As an additional effort to restrict travel, a number of campus entrances are currently restricted.


Despite the fact that the stringent new regulations were only put into place this week, a Foxconn spokeswoman told the South China Morning Post (Opens in a new window) that “production in the Zhengzhou site remains normal, without a noticeable impact {from the COVID-19 scenario}.”

There are currently seven confirmed COVID-19 cases in Zhengzhou, a city with a population of 10 million. Foxconn may be able to prevent a larger epidemic in the city and ensure that Apple continues to receive the iPhones it ordered if it can keep its employees on the campus.

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