Downloadable Nothing Phone (1) wallpapers are now available.

Two wallpapers from the Nothing Phone (1) first appeared a few days ago. We were correct when we assumed that those were not all of them. XDA Developers pulled four wallpapers from the device and they have already displayed.

OFFICIAL WALLPAPERS FOR ALL NOTHING PHONE 1 ARE NOW DOWNLOADABLE. These wallpapers can be found in the gallery that is included below the article. Two more ones appeared in addition to the two that were leaked, the ones with flowers in the backdrop.

There’s a good reason why those two appear familiar. Along with some ringtones from the gadget, nothing was actually shared with people in the past. So now that we have a complete collection of official wallpapers with a consistent aesthetic. They all appear to be on show under glass or some other kind of covering.

Advertisement Flower (blue), Flower (purple), Abstract (multicolor), and Dog are the names of these four wallpapers (black). Please take note that the wallpapers in the gallery below are compressed; to view them in their full resolution, touch the link below the article.

If you decide to download any of these wallpapers, they are all 1242 x 2760 in size. Since the images are in the PNG format, practically any device may use them.

Additionally, you may download Ringtones and the phone’s boot animation from there. In case you’re interested, we’ve also provided a link to the Nothing Phone (1) boot animation and ringtones below the post. The boot animation is a collection of PNG files, whereas the ringtones are in the OGG format.

Advertisement Another thing to keep in mind is that without root access, you won’t be able to use the boot animation. The boot animation on your phone must be replaced. But there’s a solid reason that not many of you will want to play around with that.

If you missed it, the Nothing Phone (1) debuted yesterday. We knew exactly what to expect from the phone because Nothing released a ton of information ahead of time. It seems definitely unique.

Download Nothing Phone (1) wallpapers
Announcement Download Nothing Phone (1) ringtones andamp; boot animation


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