Take Control Of Playlists With This Test Feature In YouTube Premium.

Those who subscribe to YouTube Premium will soon be able to test out a new tool that gives them fine-grained control over playlists. On a recent reports describing the new test features, such was said.

Currently, YouTube gives users some control over a playlist by allowing them to skip or revisit any entry. However, users of iOS and Android apps can now go one step further if they choose to use the trial option.

Rearranging a playlist on the Watch Page is now actively possible for users on those platforms. In other words, viewers can choose the order in which the videos play. Additionally, they will have the option to Hide any particular video inside the playlist, which will cause it to be automatically skipped. The latter is hidden under the three-dot menu for any particular playlist item, whereas the former is operated with a straightforward click and drag motion.

Advertisement HOW DO YOU USE THE YOUTUBE PREMIUM-ONLY TEST FEATURE “CONTROL OVER PLAYLISTS”? The controls themselves, as mentioned before, are actually pretty easy to use. Unlocking the controls, however, might not be as simple as some might anticipate.

A YouTube Premium subscription is required. That is a service that Google’s YouTube charges for. And in order to test them out, they’ll have to turn on the new playlist control methods.

When the necessary options are discovered, that should be simple to accomplish. Users must log into the app and then choose their profile image in order to activate the new feature. They must choose the Try new features option after choosing Settings.

Advertisement Playlist rearrange and conceal in the list is the name of the new feature, as seen in the above image. To activate it, choose the Try it out button. Users then need to launch a playlist to start using the controls.

It’s questionable whether the new functionality will endure in the long run. The actual trial is scheduled to last until August 11. Google will probably keep an eye on the test and make corrections before the official release.


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