Camera Specs Are Confirmed; Camera Samples Are Available for the Nothing Phone (1)

The business has been teasing the Nothing Phone (1) for a while now, and it will soon be released. Piece by bit, nothing has been exposing information about the device, and now we have some camera info . The manufacturer provided some camera samples for us to examine and confirmed the specifications of the Nothing Phone (1) camera.

THE ZERO (1) PHONE’S CAMERA SPECS WERE CONFIRMED, AND CAMERA SAMPLES WERE SHARE The 50-megapixel Sony IMX766 sensor, f/1.88 aperture, and 1/1.56 sensor size will be the primary camera on the back. That camera will be capable of recording 10-bit color video and will support both OIS and EIS.

A second ultrawide camera with a field of view of 114 degrees will be mounted on the back (field-of-view). The system will feature scene identification and the camera’s night mode.

Advertisement Also supplied were some camera sample images. Although they have been compressed, you can see them in the gallery below. Click here to check them out as Nothing shared them.

THE BUSINESS SHARE 8 SAMPLES OF CAMERA There are 8 camera samples in this article, and they do depict a variety of scenarios. Both a close-up of a cat and a picture of a dog taken in broad daylight are available. The organization has also managed to get shots of the metro and a countryside at sunset.

It’s important to note that these camera sample images seem excellent. There are no obvious problems with the photos, which appear to be well-balanced and moderately vivid.

Advertisement Even minor flares are treated with care and they are properly revealed. The Sony IMX766 sensor is a good sensor, provided the appropriate software is included in Nothing. However, we’ll reserve judgment until after we’ve reviewed the gadget. We always treat official camera samples skepticism.

Tomorrow, July 12, The Nothing Phone (1) will go on sale. Even if a lot of information has been revealed up until this point, nothing will fill in all the gaps at that point.

Nothing Phone 1 official camera sample 1
Nothing Phone 1 official camera sample 4
Nothing Phone 1 official camera sample 3
Nothing Phone 1 official camera sample 2
Nothing Phone 1 official camera sample 7
Nothing Phone 1 official camera sample 6
Nothing Phone 1 official camera sample 5
Nothing Phone 1 official camera sample 8


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