At the Google Store in NYC, you can test out Pixel Buds Pro before purchasing them.

Because audio devices are so individualized, it’s frequently beneficial to have a chance to try one out before making a purchase. If you live in the NYC region, you can do just that using Google’s Pixel Buds Pro.

A new experience room has been added to the Google Store in New York City’s Chelsea Market neighborhood so that anyone may try out the Pixel Buds Pro before making a purchase. There are no requirements or refunds. Simply turn up, have a seat, and sample them.

A mock-up subway vehicle with a few stations is used in this new experience to simulate the New York City subway system and let users test out the Pixel Buds Pro. Although we noticed that it was at a very low volume compared to even the greatest subway vehicles throughout the city, the chamber does play sounds from the subway. However, it offers potential customers a fantastic opportunity to hear how well the Pixel Buds fit and how the sound quality is.

Each station features a Pixel smartphone with three NFC cards that cause the linked earbuds to play three distinct musical genres. A little leaflet that describes the touch gestures on the Pixel Buds Pro is also included.

Of course, cleanliness is the issue that needs to be addressed.

Trying out earphones that are inserted into others’ ears might sound terrible, especially in light of the way COVID has altered many people’s perspectives on general cleanliness. Thankfully, the experience area has disposable ear tips and alcohol cleaning wipes so you can always have a clean, fresh experience. Based on our visit this week, store workers also promote this practice.

A Google Stadia-focused experience room that had been present at the Chelsea location for more than a year was replaced by the new Pixel Buds Pro experience room. There isn’t a Brooklyn location where you can have the experience.

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