Apple Postpones the Launch of iPadOS 16

Apple has no intention of releasing iPadOS 16 concurrently with iOS 16 or at all. (Technically.)

Apple has chosen to hold off on releasing iPadOS 16.1, the newest operating system upgrade, until later this fall. This version brings enhancements to Live Text, the addition of a new multitasking system called Stage Manager, and other features.

Apple tells TechCrunch that “this is an extremely strong year for iPadOS.” “Since iPadOS is a separate platform with features tailored particularly for it, we have the freedom to release it when and how we choose. After iOS, iPadOS will release version 16.1 this fall as a free software update.

Therefore, iPadOS 16.0 won’t be formally released to consumers by Apple. Although the public beta of the operating system was released on July 11 and the operating system has been available to developers since June 6, the majority of iPad owners will immediately upgrade to iPadOS 16.1 when it becomes available later this year.

According to MacStories notes (Opens in a new window) , there have been a number of issues with iPadOS 16 betas that go above and beyond what is typical for beta software. The flagship update to iPadOS, Stage Manager, which is also present in macOS Ventura, has proven to be particularly problematic.


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Tweet (Opens in a new window) A new public beta of iPadOS 16.1 has also been made available by Apple. This version includes upgrades to Stage Manager as well as what TechCrunch refers to as “the normal spate of beta bug patches,” which according to the release notes (Opens in a new window) affect iCloud, WeatherKit, and Accessibility among other things.

About three years have passed since Apple formally separated the operating system for the iPad from iOS. It appears that iPadOS is going through some growing pains right now as the company tries to differentiate the platform from its predecessor and defend the iPad’s more potent hardware.

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