You Can Find Content In The Play Store For Tablets And Chromebooks

Google has been giving its apps and services the Material You makeover since last year. Although the procedure is nearly finished, there is still some work to be done. 9To5Google reports that Material You is now available on the Google Play Store for tablets and Chromebooks.

Last year, Google released Material You. The business completely turned around its design to provide us the more effervescent and rounder UI. Even better, it was given an iF Gold Design Award.

AT THIS TIME, MATERIAL YOU WILL BE AVAILABLE ON THE PLAY STORE FOR TABLETS AND CHROMEBOOKS. There will be a significant redesign of the Google Play Store. This was shown off at this year’s Google I/O. It is made to be better for devices with larger screens. This is an effort by Google to improve Android for tablets. There is still time to wait on that, though. Google is providing Material You for the Play Store on tablets and Chromebooks in the meantime.

Advertisement Although there haven’t been many changes to the UI, they are still apparent. To begin with, the search bar is no longer a rounded rectangle but is instead shaped like a pill. Instead of a bottom bar, the navigation is now a drawer on the side of the screen.

The UI will be color-coordinated with your device’s theme to highlight the portion you are in. This also applies to the navigation drawer. You’ll notice the taller navigation bar at the bottom of the screen when you turn your device into portrait mode.

All of these UI modifications are small, but they demonstrate that Google is still concerned about tablets and Chromebooks. Google released Material You to the Play Store for smartphones back in October, but prioritizing phones makes sense.

Advertisement The Play Store’s new look will ultimately be available. People will be eager to give it a try once it occurs. If the Pixel Tablet is released next year, it might look fantastic.


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