Wordle Answer #408 for today

Quart is the response to today’s Wordle (#408 August 1, 2022). It can also refer to a container of a one-quart size. Its unit of capacity is a quarter of a gallon or a third of a bushel (via Merriam-Webster ). The words “quarte” and “quart” both imply quarter in Middle English and Anglo-French, respectively. Furthermore, it comes from the Latin terms “quartus” and “quattuor,” both of which denote the number 4.

In comparison to the WordleBot’s reported daily average of 3.9 guesses, we were able to solve the puzzle today in five tries. It appears that yesterday’s luck was an anomaly. The WordleBot’s preferred starting word, crane, served as our introduction. We tried roast, separate, and blart before settling on quart. For the sake of the word’s meaning, it would have been appropriate to complete in four tries, but the WordleBot beat us to it today. We wish you success with fewer attempts.


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