With some restrictions, the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro may now run Android 13 beta 2.

Following an update to the companys download page, reports indicates that Android 13 Beta 2 is currently available for the Lenovo Tab P12 Pro. The new update is the first to reach the tablet since May and is referred to by Lenovo as a Developer Preview based on that beta build. and, naturally, has its own set of limitations and cons. The same is true for every pre-release build from Lenovo or any other OEM.

Of course, owners of the premium device are now free to access the page listed above to find instructions and setup files.

WHAT CHANGES WITH THE ANDROID 13 BETA 2 UPDATE FOR THE LENOVO TAB P12 PRO? Now, the single significant change Lenovo has found in Android 13 Beta 2 for the Tab P12 Pro isn’t that significant. That is the June 2022 security patch, specifically. Therefore, Lenovo may or may not be including much else on the user-facing side of things. However, there is plenty of room for more significant changes.

Advertisement The majority of the significant modifications to be found in the future generation of Android should be included once a manual flash of the firmware is finished.

As a result, consumers who decide to utilize the admittedly flawed program will experience some significant changes. Included include improved background process killer, new permissions like the Notifications permission, and enhanced Material You theming. Along with other updates, a new volume picker UI was included.

There are other warnings to take into account besides the fact that this is a beta build.

Advertisement For instance, it is said that Lenovo has not specified whether or not the update has fixed any known issues. Problems with unlocking devices with a fingerprint or face have already been noted. However, problems with HDMI, screen casting, and multi-touch capabilities have also been mentioned.

Additionally, the beta builds will necessitate that users physically re-pair the tablet’s optional Bluetooth keyboard.


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