With Google Assistant, the Shellbot SL60 robot vacuum/mop, you can easily maintain your floors clean.

With Google Assistant integration, the Shellbot SL60 is a robot vacuum and mop that works together to keep your floors free of dust and debris. It is available to you for just $390 when you use our special discount coupon.

For some people, especially pet owners, vacuuming the house can seem like an endless effort because additional dust and hair seem to come out of nowhere practically as soon as you’re done. The modern option is to get a robotic vacuum cleaner. This category of products has steadily become smarter and uses some of the same fundamental technologies as self-driving cars.

The Shellbot SL60 is designed to learn its way around your home and its ever-changing obstacles using LIDAR/3D ToF sensors along with a conventional camera, as opposed to randomly knocking into everything to find a path. Additional sensors also alert the SL60 to apply greater suction when on a carpeted floor and prevent it from falling off an edge.

After you give the Shellbot SL60 a chance to start working, its AI system can use the sensors to construct a smart map of the rooms in your house. You can set up no-go zones that the vacuum will avoid using the Shellbot app. You may choose which rooms to clean using the same app, and you can even create a home cleaning routine that runs automatically.

You can also connect your Shellbot SL60 vacuum to Google Assistant and/or Alexa to keep things simple to operate whenever you want. To start the vacuum, simply say, “Hey Google, start the vacuum,” after connecting the app to your Google Home. For those who don’t want to bother with a smartphone app, the bundle also includes a classic remote control.

These AI-enhanced sensors are supported by a strong brushless suction motor that is tuned to operate silently. The Shellbot SL60 has four variable strength settings based on the cleaning requirements of your floors and a cleaning pressure of up to 4000Pa. The SL60’s built-in mopping capabilities are ready to keep your floors pristine even for the messier spills that are more difficult to clean.

The Shellbot SL60 has two dustbins, a 0.7-gallon mopping reservoir, and a 5,200 mAh battery with a 200-minute runtime. The robot will automatically return to its charging dock whenever the battery is low or the trash bin is full.

The Shellbot SL60 is presently on sale for $449, down from its regular price of $599. Moreover, you may save an additional 10% by applying the special promo code from 9to5Google, 44NJSX2S, for a final cost of $390. Act quickly because this offer is only valid through August 31.

the Shellbot SL60 is one of the more economical options for a vacuum/mop combo that is also Google Assistant compatible, costing only $390. Additionally, it has a wide range of capabilities that need to keep your floors as spotless as possible.

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