With bug fixes, Android 13 Beta 3.0 is now available.

Were all preparing to receive the final wave of upgrades when we were knee-deep in the Android 13 beta. Recently, the third beta was released, however there were a few flaws in the program that required two more upgrades to fix. In order to help fix even more bugs, Google is currently AA1 Android 13 beta 3.

We shouldn’t anticipate too many additional ground-breaking features to be implemented via the beta program at this time. The majority of the new features and UI updates have already been released because it is late in the game. Google is currently concentrating on final stability updates to wrap up the software.

ANDROID 13 BETA 3.3 IS NOW AVAILABLE. Although we may anticipate the typical assortment of faults and glitches with beta software, Android 13 beta 3 was a bit of an exception. A few software problems seriously detract from the overall experience. People can’t wait for the release of beta 4 since they’re so awful.

Advertisement First first, a Wi-Fi fault in the program is the most annoying one. Yes, there is yet another Wi-Fi problem that affects Pixel devices. Due to a flaw, phones were unable to connect to established Wi-Fi networks. Given that many individuals opt to use home and public Wi-Fi instead of their data plan, you can imagine how frustrating that will be.

When utilizing the app drawer, another problem causes odd behavior with the keyboard. If the keyboard is configured to always appear when the app drawer is opened, it will appear above any apps you open from the home screen after closing the app drawer.

Other flaws include the phone being unusable when you plug it in, the system crashing when you use the back gesture, and a few others. The Android 13 beta 3.3 update ought to fix these vulnerabilities.

Advertisement VERIFYING THE UPDATE Users should soon be able to notice this update because it is currently rolling out. The option to scan for the update should be available if you go to settings, select System, and then select Update. Wait a day or two and try again if you don’t see it.


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