Using an IP phone system, how to set up a home phone service

If you have an outdated phone system or are considering purchasing a new one, you may be wondering if it still has any advantages. Because it’s simple to grow accustomed to the way things are, it can be challenging to determine if your property is an phone service is outdated . You might not even be aware that newer technologies exist that have the potential to significantly enhance your experience with house phones.

updating a phone system can, however, be advantageous for your family and your company for a number of reasons:

A BETTER CALLER ID By displaying the caller’s name or phone number on the screen of your handset or on a sizable monitor in your office, Caller ID lets you know who is calling before you pick up the phone.

Voicemail commercial If someone can’t answer the phone at their workplace or if they don’t have time to talk when they call back, you can leave a message for them on voicemail. You can check your messages at any time and choose whether to call back—immediately, later that day, or whenever is most convenient for everyone.

FORWARDING CALLS With the help of this tool, you may direct all incoming calls from one extension number (or numerous) to a different number, either in the same area code or not. Calls can be routed to a number on another mobile device, such as an iPad tablet, your home number, your cell phone, or your home number.

A home phone is still frequently required. But throughout time, the call-receiving equipment has undergone a significant modification. For instance, the majority of us had rotary dial phones when we were kids. The coiled cords were attached to the wall by a jack that required plugging into an outlet. Either using a handset or by depressing the receiver, you might respond.

Advertisement In a few decades, things will be very different. Today’s smartphones are modern and useful; you can even obtain them in soft hues! But the underlying technology has undergone a significant transformation.

A IP phone system makes it simple to set up phone service. A phone system or connected device from a service provider, like Ooma , is required to set up a home phone service.

Setting up VoIP home or business phone service is a simple process. You can start utilizing the service as soon as you buy a connection device, like the Ooma Telo for homes or a VoIP phone system for businesses, and connect it to your broadband connection.

Advertisement SETUP OF A PHONE SERVICE 1. Connect your box first, then wait for it to boot up. It will automatically find any other devices on your network once it has fully booted up and start pairing with them. You will need to manually add any devices you don’t discover on the network by selecting Add a Device from the sidebar menu.

2. Attach a second Ethernet cable to a computer port that is open on your broadband modem/router (or any other network device in your home). All the devices plugged onto that port, including the VoIP device, will have access to the Internet as a result.

3. After all of your devices have been added, select Set Up under My Account in the sidebar menu. Clicking Continue will allow you to enter account details like your name and address so that Ooma can confirm that it belongs to you.

4. After that, configure your voicemail by choosing Voicemail Setup. To receive voicemail messages, you must enter an email address.
5. To place or accept a call, launch any web browser on any computer or mobile device.

You can manage your account, make calls, and even keep track of your expenditure using the mobile app. Although the app is accessible on iOS and Android smartphones, it is not necessary to use it. Visit to download the app to your device if you want to set it up.

Advertisement Even for someone who lacks a lot of technical knowledge, the procedure is so quick and simple. You’ll wonder why you didn’t make the transition sooner with such a fantastic service.


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