Use the Showly app to Easily Track Movies and TV Shows

became one of the most widely used apps for tracking movies and TV shows. If you watch a lot of TV series or movies, having such an app is wonderful because it makes keeping track of everything simple.

When I was younger, I used to keep a written record of the episodes of the shows I watched and had to manually keep track of things like the release dates for new seasons. An app like this, however, handles everything for you.

All you have to do is favorite the TV shows you’re watching, and the app will notify you when the next episode is coming. SHOWLY APP CAN TRACK YOUR TV SHOWS ANDAMP; MOVIES FOR YOU. Simply mark the item as watched once you’ve finished watching it to proceed.

Advertisement Regarding movies as well, a similar statement can be made. Mark the movies you want to watch as favorites and watch them, then mark them as viewed. The software can also recommend some excellent material for you, but it must first learn what you enjoy.

Another incentive to give Showly a try is if you enjoy utilizing open source software. This program is free and open source, and it also has a nice design. Its design keeps everything within a few clicks and is simple enough yet not too simple.

Additionally, you can search through well-liked, popular, and anticipated TV shows and movies. Additionally, Showly enables you to browse through the most well-liked, anticipated, and trending TV episodes and films in case you’re stuck for ideas or just want to keep up with the latest releases.

Advertisement If reading user reviews will help you decide whether to watch a show or not, you can do so for each one. If you plan to read through the comments in great detail, be careful not to read any spoilers.

Yes, you may receive notifications from this app. When new seasons, episodes, or debuts are scheduled or become available, it can let you know. You can also choose from a few widgets and home page shortcuts.

You can read some news inside the app, and it does have both a light and a dark look. It is a pretty engaging piece of software that is available in a variety of languages. A link is provided below if you want to try it out.


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