Top 10 Android Apps for Back to School, Updated August 2022

You might be unsure about which back-to-school apps to download for your smartphone. You could discover something you enjoy here since we’ve decided to build a list of our best back-to-school apps. In our opinion, the list below contains all of the greatest back-to-school apps. There are ten of them listed here, and there is no specific sequence in which they are included. This list of applications is also quite varied.

You might be able to manage your paperwork with some of these programs, arrange your school activities with others, and so forth. Additionally, there are certain apps targeted for math enthusiasts and others that will aid in studying. Of course, there are many apps that may have made our list, but we had to limit it to just 10. Continue reading if you want to see what we decided.

THE TOP 10 BEST ANDROID APPS FOR BACK-TO-SCHOOL 2022 The top 10 Android back-to-school applications for 2022 are shown below in brief, along with any download and in-app purchase prices.

Cost of the in-app advertisement download (per item) School Scheduler $0.99-$5.99 G Suite for Education Photomath $0.99-$299.99 StudyBlue’s flash cards and tests $19-$84 Scientific calculator RealCalc Drive by Google $0.99-$1,024 School Parental Google Family Link Duolingo $0.99-$149.99 $1.99-$3.99 Top 10 Downloads for Android Back-to-School Apps in 2022 A brief description of each app is provided below, along with a direct download link.

Each download link directs you to the Google Play Store listing for apps. Downloading programs from Google Play or another authorized app store is always advised for users.

EDUCATION PLANNER “Grid image from the School Planner app, alt

Advertisement Cost: No cost to download $0.99 to $5.99 for in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 4.5 out of 5 One of the top applications in the Play Store for scheduling schoolwork is School Planner. This program can be quite helpful if you struggle to stay on top of your schoolwork, like I did back in the day. The layout is amazing, and everything can be color-coded. Actually, using different colors to denote different tasks makes everything in the schedule simple to find.

Speaking of which, the timeline serves as the central focus of this entire software, as it should. You can set up an agenda for tasks like homework, tests, and reminders. You can select from a variety of vibrant themes, and you can also record your lectures using the app. You can receive notifications from it for tasks, exams, reminders, and other events. Even Google Drive may be used to backup your entire system.

Advertisement “alt=”Grid image from the Google Classroom app” “>

Cost: No cost to download No to in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 3.0 out of 5 Google’s own program for instructors and students is called Google Classroom. The app’s low rating is a result of some users experiencing problems with it. However, prior to Google’s fixes, that was not the case, and it should now function as intended. In any event, this tool is fantastic for communicating with students and teachers. If you’re using an Android smartphone, you already have a Google account, which is all you need to use it.

If you’re a teacher, it’s simple to give your students a code so they can participate. Assignments can be created, reviewed, and graded, and everything is available. Both time and paper are saved. All of the tasks are displayed to students on a single page, and all course materials are automatically organized into Google Drive folders. Everything is arranged nicely.



Cost: No cost to download From $0.99 to $299.98 in in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 4.7 out of 5 stars If you struggle to solve arithmetic questions, Photomath is a fantastic tool to have. When this software was first released, it managed to shock the world. It’s quite easy to use; all you have to do is snap a photo of the mathematical challenge, and the software will take care of the solution. It will not only provide you with the outcome but will also explain how it arrived at that outcome.

This program is designed to aid in study, not to be used as a means of exam cheating or anything like. The software can assist if you run into trouble at any time. If there are numerous solutions for a given problem, you can even scroll through them. In fact, the app has interactive graphics. It includes fundamental math topics such algebra, geometry, calculus, trigonometry/precalculus, and statistics. There’s a good probability that this program can assist you with your arithmetic issue.


Cost: No cost to download $19 to $84 for in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 4.3 out of 5 The app or tool StudyBlue Flashcards and Quizzes is great for keeping track of your study materials. This program allows you to make flashcards to aid in your study. Over 10 million students use this application, and they have so far produced over 400 million flashcards. Not only can you make study materials for yourself, but you can also distribute them to other people.

Why not repay the favor if someone else’s study materials were helpful to you? If it will help you learn, you can even add photos and audio to your study materials. Using this software, you may test yourself, keep tabs on your development, and even receive study-related reminders. It’s also possible to access your StudyBlue learning materials on a desktop computer. Additionally, this software has an extremely attractive design.

Advertisement SCIENTIFIC CALCULATOR REALCALC “grid for the RealCalc Scientific Calculator.

Cost: No cost to download No to in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 4.6 out of 5 stars The Scientific Calculator RealCalc has been around for a while. This app hasn’t been updated in truth for years. Though it functions perfectly and fulfills its purpose, there is no need to upgrade it. This program essentially acts as a computerized scientific calculator that can perform any kind of complex computation. It’s good that it’s made to function exactly like a regular, real calculator.

Advertisement Please be aware that the app’s free version does not include all of the functionality. If you choose to purchase the Plus edition, you’ll gain access to additional features including fractions, degrees, minutes, and seconds, as well as customized constants and conversions, landscape mode, homescreen widget, and more. The features of this app include external keyboard support, customizable digit grouping and decimal point, 10 memory slots, and many more.

“alt=”Grid of the Google Drive app” “>

Cost: No cost to download From $0.99 to $1,024 in in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 4.3 out of 5 Google has a popular program called Google Drive. In essence, this is an application that gives you access to internet storage, or a “cloud,” as you may say. Although you may purchase more storage if you need it, your Google account comes with 15GB of free storage. You may add 100GB for for $1.99 a month because rates have decreased significantly over time. The pricing is the same elsewhere as it is in the US.

On Google Drive, you can store a variety of files and view them whenever you want. Both your computer and phone have access. You can rapidly locate files using the general search tool, and you can share anything with anybody, as well as your contacts. There are numerous options for sharing. The app even allows you to scan documents using the camera on your phone.

SCHOOL “alt=”Grid image for school apps”>

Cost: No cost to download No to in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 4.6 out of 5 stars An app with a very straightforward name is called School. But this software can be quite helpful. It’s a very visual program that will assist you in managing your academic life. The main feature of this program is its timetable, onto which you may add several icon types to serve as reminders. You’ll be directed to a more in-depth view of your assignments after you tap one of those symbols. Additionally, this program includes several extra functions.

Actually, it includes a time management tool and a calculator. For instance, you can choose a time limit for a task, and the timeline will reflect it. You can also specify the number of days you’ll spend studying something and the time period for each day. This program has great appearance, the ideal user interface for this kind of tool, and is definitely worth checking out.

GOOGLE FAMILY LINK FOR PARENTS ” alt=”Grid graphic for the Google Family Link for Parents app” “>

Cost: No cost to download No to in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 4.0 out of 5 In essence, Google’s parental controls program is called Google Family Link for parents. You can establish some ground rules remotely from your mobile with this app. Not only will you be able to establish ground rules, but you’ll also be able to monitor your children’s app activity to make sure they’re not engaging in prohibited activities. You may view activity reports to find out how much time your child is spending on particular applications and games.

You can monitor in-app purchases and allow or reject any apps your child tries to download. You can also choose to have some apps blocked from their smartphone. You may even remotely lock a device with this app. Please keep in mind that this app’s goal is to safeguard your child and aid in his concentration, not to make him a control freak for no apparent reason. Use it wisely, then.

DUOLINGO “the Duolingo app

Cost: No cost to download From $0.99 to $149.99 in in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 4.7 out of 5 stars Duolingo can assist you if you have some free time in between your studies or would just like to learn a new language. This app is one of the most well-known in its category, so chances are you’ve heard of it before. With the help of this software, you may pick up more than 35 languages through brief, quick sessions. To learn a new language, you can practice speaking, reading, listening, and writing.

With incentives like awards and accomplishments, you can work toward your language learning objectives. Duolingo is used by more than 300 million individuals, which speaks something about how well-liked it is. The app’s user interface (UI) is flawless; due to its simplicity, almost anyone can use it. To be clear, it’s simplistic in a good manner. The best part is that Duolingo is free to use, but with some in-app purchases.

alt=”Dictionary com app grid picture,” DICTIONARY.COM “>

Cost: No cost to download $1.99 to $3.99 for in-app purchases Size: Depends on the device Rating on Google Play: 4.5 out of 5 Look no farther if you need a reliable dictionary on hand. You can use the app to your advantage. There are almost 2 million reliable definitions and synonyms in this dictionary. With the Term of the Day feature, you can learn a new word every day. You won’t ever mispronounce a term again thanks to the package’s accompanying audio pronunciations.

You can use your voice to search for definitions, and the app also has a few entertaining quizzes. There is also a Word Puzzle game that requires you to unscramble the letters. Additionally, this program will save your search history in case you need to refer back to some earlier terms. The UI is adequate, and having the app on your phone is just useful. Although this software is available for free, there are in-app purchases.


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