Third One UI Watch 4.5 Beta Update For Galaxy Watch 4 Is Released By Samsung

Samsung is updating the Galaxy Watch 4 series with a new beta version of its One UI Watch 4.5 software. Since the beginning of the beta program a month ago, there have been three updates. The most recent update includes feature enhancements as well as a number of problems that were present in earlier editions (via Reddit ).

The Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic devices signed up for the One UI Watch 4.5 Beta program will no longer reset after Tile backup, according to the official changelog. This problem was brought up by a number of users after earlier beta upgrades. Additionally, an issue that caused users to accidentally press the Home button when scrolling no longer exists.

Additionally, Samsung has fixed a bug that prevented Bixby from playing music. In addition, this update should fix the Bluetooth connection issue that cropped up when using the gallery app.

Advertisement The third One UI Watch 4.5 Beta update for the Galaxy Watch 4 pair, according to Samsung, should increase wearing detection accuracy. Additionally, the rate at which the wrist-up gesture is recognized while exercising on a bicycle should improve.

The Alarm, Stopwatch, Timer, and World Clock applications have all had their usefulness enhanced, according to the changelog. Samsung also guarantees that using compatible Galaxy Buds automatically will use less electricity. Last but not least, this version includes small tweaks and stabilizations for touch performance.

A NEW BETA UPDATE FOR THE GALAXY WATCH 4 SERIES Over the weekend, the Galaxy Watch 4 series’ most recent One UI Watch 4.5 Beta upgrade began to be distributed. All users who have signed up their Samsung smartwatch for the beta program should have access to it. On a linked smartphone, the Galaxy Wearable app will send you a notification. By going to the Galaxy Wearable app’s Galaxy Watch 4 plugin, selecting Settings, Watch software update, and then selecting Download and install, you can manually check for updates.

Advertisement Note that your smartphone must have the Galaxy Watch 4 plugin’s most recent version ( loaded. The app, which is a component of the Galaxy Wearable app and depends on it to function, has an update checker in the Google Play Store.

This over-the-air beta update for the Galaxy Watch 4 series varies in size according on your model (OTA). That’s a substantial update, and the changelog makes numerous mentions of it. The stable launch of One UI Watch 4.5 for Samsung’s smartwatches should be coming soon. When the push out commences, we’ll let you know.


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