There is a problem with the broken fingerprint scanner on Google’s Pixel 6a.

Users who wanted their Pixel 6a to have robust fingerprint biometric security may need to wait because the feature of the gadget seems to be faulty at launch. According to recent news , which seems to support earlier, pre-release reports on the subject, that is the case. Citing two distinct YouTube channels, Beebom and Geekyranjit, who encountered the issue during testing.

FIXES THE PIXEL 6A FINGERPRINT SCANNER WITH THE UPCOMING UPDATE, OR NOT? As previously mentioned, the hardware or software of the reasonably priced Pixel 6a fingerprint scanner looks to be the main problem in this situation. Not readily apparent is which is experiencing the issue. However, the outcome of that problem is the same. Although not every handset might ultimately be affected. Specifically, the feature is inoperable on the impacted devices.

To put it more simply, any fingerprint appears to function on impacted phones. In the most recent complaints, the unregistered fingerprints were not only not saved to the device as part of the authentication setup procedure. They were completely unregistered.

Advertisement The research also demonstrates that users can use more than one of their own fingerprints to unlock. And even if just one fingerprint was ever registered, that is still true. suggesting that on impacted Google Pixel 6a handsets, the fingerprint reader is actually fully malfunctioning.

As of this writing, Google itself has not commented to the reports. Unsurprisingly, the initial version that is already available for the handsets makes no mention of a repair.

Therefore, users who receive the Pixel 6a from Google or their carrier should refrain from authenticating using the fingerprint scanner. It’s just not going to be secure enough to keep the phone for the time being. And that includes banking apps, for example, which support fingerprint unlocking and sign-in.


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