The weather widget on the Pixel also struggles with temperatures above 100 degrees

Since the middle of this week, the Southwest has had 100-degree temperatures, and it is anticipated that this trend will continue until Labor Day. It has become apparent after reviewing the Pixel Weather app over the last few days that the primary widget was not intended to display temperatures exceeding 100 degrees.

The lovely Material You widgets, which are very information-dense and have Dynamic Color theming to adjust to your backdrop, were first introduced by Android 12 on Pixel phones last year. They still only work on Google phones, even when using other Android 12 or 13 devices. (The same may be stated of a particular, useful YouTube Music widget.)

The largest widget configuration displays the two-day forecast, current temperature and weather, as well as today’s high and low. The next four hours are the focus of the other important section. The degree symbol is amusingly pushed to the next line when it exceeds 100. As a result, the time increment vanishes and the visual representation is shifted downward.

Pixel Weather widget 100
Pixel Weather widget 100

As you can see here, when there are only two digits, everything functions normally, but three visually causes problems. System text and display size adjustments don’t seem to have any impact.

It is still definitely more than functional, but it reveals a design edge case that is less unlikely in modern times. With a future update to the Google app, which runs those weather widgets, Google will hopefully fix 100-degree temperatures.

In relation to fixes, some customers continue to encounter sporadic problems with the widgets failing to update without a tap that opens the complete experience. It would also be fantastic if that could be fixed in the end.

In any case, I hope you’re staying cool .
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