Support for Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen is added to Slack for Android

Android users of Slack may now use the Emoji Kitchen feature of Gboard. Using the Google keyboard app, you may use the feature to make amusing emoji combinations. Slack now supports Emoji Kitchen, joining Google Messages, WhatsApp, Messenger, and Telegram among other well-known chat services.

If you’re not familiar with the feature, there’s no need to worry. You can mix two compatible emojis when composing a message using Gboard on any app that is supported on Android devices to create original mashups. The two emojis must simply be chosen, just as you would in the text area. Gboard will, whenever possible, combine the two to create a hybrid emoji and display the result just beneath the text box. To share the outcome with your loved ones, simply tap on it.

Emoji Kitchen, which will be widely available in late 2020, also allows you to create blob emojis. A few years ago, Google phased them out in favor of circular emojis. But Emoji Kitchen has helped them return. Any emoji can be turned into a blob by combining it with the magic wand in the manner described above. That’s all there is to it. Google frequently introduces new emoji combinations so that consumers have access to all possible combinations.

Advertisement It’s important to note that the hybrid emojis produced by Emoji Kitchen are actually stickers. Instead of being recognized Unicode characters, they are just PNGs. Nevertheless, the feature makes texting with friends and family more enjoyable. Although Google offers Gboard for iOS devices, Emoji Kitchen does not operate on iPhones.

EMOJI KITCHEN IS NOW AVAILABLE ON SLACK TO EVERYONE One of Gboard’s finest features is Emoji Kitchen. Unfortunately, it isn’t universally applicable. You can see that Slack is only now beginning to support the feature. However, it’s unclear exactly when the popular business messaging service started accepting Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen. Android Headlines can also confirm availability on a number of Android devices, some of which aren’t even running the most recent version of the app, which was first noticed by 9to5Google a few days ago.

However, if Slack is used at work for internal conversations, be ready to see creative emojis and stickers from your coworkers. However, you might want to check for updates for both Gboard and Slack if Emoji Kitchen isn’t yet available to you. To download the most recent versions of the apps from the Google Play Store, click the icons below.


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