Samsung Willing To Reduce Sales Of The Galaxy S And A To Promote Foldables

It’s no secret that Samsung believes foldable cellphones will be the wave of the future. The Korean company, which has long been the leading smartphone provider in the world, is placing a significant wager on foldable gadgets. It dominates this market and is getting ready to boost the ante with its fourth-gen devices starting next month. The business is apparently willing to cut its sales target for Galaxy S and Galaxy A series handsets in order to make sure that the future Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 foldables receive adequate marketing attention.

However, this is hardly a surprise. As is already known, Samsung wants to sell twice as many of its future foldable devices this year as compared to each of their respective predecessors last year. Up from 7.1 million, it is seeking to reach the 15 million level. This is true even though the business reduced its entire 2022 smartphone sales forecast by 10%, from 300 million to 270 million. Due to a number of circumstances, including the current global inflation problem, Samsung and all other smartphone suppliers anticipate weak demand.

Perhaps the slowdown has already affected the Korean powerhouse. Over 50 million smartphones from its inventory are supposedly lying with distributors throughout the world. Most of them are members of Samsung’s volume-creating Galaxy A series.

Advertisement However, if doing so results in more sales of the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 foldables, the business is willing to sell less of these volume drivers and risk losing the top spot. That’s because low-cost phone sales are more affected by inflation than high-end phone sales. Additionally, the new foldables will be available for purchase around a month before Apple’s iPhone 14 series. Samsung aspires to rival Apple in the premium market. It has been years since it was able to unseat the latter in this market.

THE 2022 LAUNCH OF SAMSUNG FOLDABLES COULD TAKE PLACE ONLINE Due to the epidemic, Samsung’s Galaxy Unpacked events have only been available online for the previous two years. However, the business might be organizing a physical event to unveil their foldables in 2022. The Korea Times reports reports that the event may take place in New York City next month.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 are rumored to launch on August 10. Samsung should start sending media invitations shortly if the rumored date and the launch’s status as an offline event hold true. To see if the Korean behemoth has any surprises in store will be interesting.


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