Indonesia plans to establish its own MSMEs-focused metaverse dubbed “MetaNesia.”

To support domestic businesses that compete with global services, Indonesia delegates PT Telkom Indonesia, the state carrier, the creation of its own metaverse known as “MetaNesia.”

One of Indonesia’s most recent initiatives to wrest control of the internet away from Google and Meta.

State-owned enterprises Minister Erick Thohir issued a statement saying, “Don’t let other countries construct a new universe with their own payment system, while the market stays in Indonesia.” “Then we’ll kick ourselves,”

In response to the delegation, PT Telkom Indonesia describes MetaNesia as a digital environment where micro, small, and medium-sized businesses (MSMEs) can equally promote their goods or services.

A platform with a variety of services, including a Metaverse Concert for events and a Metaverse Mall with shops, services, and entertainment, is what PT Telkom Indonesia aims to build. The state-owned company plans to host online meetings, a non-fungible token (NFT) marketplace, yoga classes, and even e-sports competitions in the virtual environment of Second Life later this year.

Cryptocurrency ownership by country. Source: Gemini

ownership of cryptocurrencies by nation. Origin: Gemini

According to Gemini’s most recent “Global State of Crypto Report,” which polled 20 nations, 41% of Indonesians between the ages of 18 and 75 who make more than $14,000 annually possess cryptocurrency. In addition, 61 percent of Indonesian respondents concur that cryptocurrencies would be the dominant form of payment in the future, according to Gemini.

Indonesia’s MetaNesia successfully encapsulated both the metaverse and Indonesian culture. In addition to not being a replacement for reality, it also works to increase accessibility, inclusivity, and equality.

To actually realize this ideal future, PT Telkom Indonesia will need to properly prepare its strategy.


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