In order To Fix “Continue Receiving Messages,” Google Mailbox bug

Enterprise customers of Gmail and Google Workspace are currently reportedly experiencing a new problem in the well-known email software. In short, the flaw causes Gmail on both Google tiers to repeatedly ask users if they want to continue receiving messages from a particular sender.

The message is shown within of a gray box at the top of the page, which is typically used to prevent messages from going into Spam or being completely blocked. Users can choose yes or no in that box; the latter option prevents messages from a certain sender.

Of course, the current problem is that the notification continues to remain even after some people make a choice. Additionally, it stands out more for some people because it appears on all emails or almost all emails. As opposed to only doing so for emails that Gmail should believe users might want to stop receiving. Even certain Google Calendar alerts and known or stored contacts display the message.

Advertisement WHEN WILL GOOGLE CORRECT THIS GMAIL CONTINUE RECEIVING BUG? As was already mentioned, the problem now affects practically the whole Gmail system. Users of Google’s free basic accounts and those who have paid for its enterprise service are both affected. Google claims that while the bug was most noticeable on July 6 and 7, it is still present. Additionally, the business is actively looking into the problem.

As of this writing, the firm has not given any public indication of when it expects to be able to release a remedy.

It shouldn’t come as a huge shock that a fix is not right away available. The usability of Google’s email service is not and won’t normally be impacted by this specific fault, which is mostly a visual malfunction. Not as severe as some other Google bugs, at least. Additionally, it doesn’t seem to affect every user. Therefore, it’s not immediately obvious what’s causing the issue. For Gmail power users and enterprise customers, it will undoubtedly be unpleasant enough and the message itself will occupy valuable screen space.

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Therealfitz Brian Fitzpatrick July 7, 2022


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