How to Remove Snapchat from Your Device

Nothing was meant to be permanent on Snapchat. However, users were unaware that this also extended to their perception of the app. The social media popularity race is being won by TikTok and BeReal. Additionally, Snapchat is struggling to catch up (Opens in a new window) , a former influencer. If you’re prepared to let it go, you’ll find all the information you need below.

Even though the next few actions will delete your account, the change won’t take effect right away. For 30 days, no one will be able to get in touch with you on Snapchat or engage with you because your account will be inactive. Your account will be completely wiped 30 days later, together with its settings, friends, Snaps, Chats, and Stories, as well as any device and location information stored in Snapchat’s user database.

STOP USING SNAPCHAT ON IOS Click on the gear icon in your profile to access settings. Tap Delete Account under Account Actions after scrolling down. A screen with a farewell message will appear. Your account will be set to be destroyed when you reenter your username and password and click Continue.

REMOVE SNAPCHAT FROM THE WEB AND ANDROID On an Android device, you cannot immediately remove your account. Instead, you’ll need to sign in to the accounts portal (Opens in a new window) with your username or email address and password. A screen with a farewell message will appear. Once more entering your username and password, click Continue to set your account for deletion.



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