Google Pixel Watch Combines Fitbit Fitness Smarts And Wear OS

Google is making heavy use of one of its most well-known assets with the Pixel Watch. While Fitbit offers a variety of wristbands on its own, including the Versa smartwatch series and several activity trackers, Google’s new Pixel Watch prominently incorporates Fitbit technology. The smartwatch’s health and fitness tracking functions, which include sleep tracking, heart rate tracking, and more than 40 training modes, will be managed by Fitbit.

Regarding the Pixel Watch’s own features, Google claims they include the most precise heart rate monitor Fitbit has ever utilized. With the use of machine learning, that tracker will be used to assess important parameters such as calories, “Active Zone Minutes,” and sleep, with findings that are more precise than before. It has been dubbed “the first watch to offer the best of both Google and Fitbit” by Google’s James Park.

A free six-month trial of Fitbit Premium, which includes 1000 workouts and 400 mindfulness sessions, is also included with the purchase of a Pixel watch. According to Google, the subscription service also offers advice and insights that might help customers better manage their general health. A regular breakdown of the user’s sleep stages is provided via the watch’s sleep monitoring feature. The information provided can then be used by users to enhance their sleep. However, other evidence indicates that striving for a perfect “sleep score” can be more detrimental than helpful.

The trial Google offers to assist you with your workouts is not the only one. Additionally, the business is including three months of Youtube Music with every transaction.


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