Google is releasing version 2.14 of the Pixel Buds Pro firmware.

The Pixel Buds Pro’s day one upgrade went live last week, and today Google is releasing the 2.14 firmware update.

Update: Google said this afternoon reports that the latest firmware, which includes general bug repairs and enhancements, is gradually going out.

Go to More settings > Firmware upgrade in the Pixel Buds app or preferences. The Pixel Buds Pro should be able to receive a manual upgrade between 120 release 2.12 signed and 122 release 2.14 signed. (In last week’s support post , Google made reference to updates using the latter sequence rather than the initial digits, which might become cumbersome as the product develops.)

After manually checking, we discovered that this update is also available in the United States, along with an report from Central Europe.

The left/right earbuds are updated first during this procedure, which lasts a few minutes. Your phone must manually reboot after the latest firmware has downloaded. The next step is a longer process than just re-connecting, called checking the update.

When you leave your earbuds in the charging case for 10 minutes or so, your case will update after the buds have been updated.
For comparison, the Pixel Buds A-Series received their first upgrade three months after their debut.
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