For a family portrait, here are the green Pixel 6a and 6 side by side.

The sole unofficial/early hands-on of the Pixel 6a since its announcement at I/O has been of the Charcoal edition. Today, Google posted a brief image of the Sorta Seafoam Pixel 6 next to the Sage Pixel 6a.

The Sage Pixel 6a is by far the most intriguing color option out of the three, while Chalk and Charcoal are standard options.

The Sorta Sage Pixel 5 marked the beginning of Google’s green phase in earnest. That persisted with the Pixel 6, but instead of the somber, almost mint-green color that debuted in 2020, the firm went lighter with something more fun.

The 2022 Pixel 6a is more reminiscent of the subdued green than the side-by-side shot shows of today. There is little doubt that the top portion above the camera bar is lighter than the Pixel 6s, but not by as much. In actuality, the Pixel 6a’s darker greens better complement the black side rail and result in a less obvious transition. The 7 Pros Hazel colorway of the Pixels green era is significantly deeper, especially when combined with bronze metal.

pixel 7 pro colors
Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 6 in Sorta Sage and Sorta Seafoam
google pixel 6a
pixel 6a colors
pixel 7 pro colors
Google Pixel 5 and Pixel 6 in Sorta Sage and Sorta Seafoam

Google Pixels 5 and 6 in sort of seafoam and sage

The Pixel 6 Pro in Cloudy White is also seen in this image, which shows Google’s phone lineup from July 28 through the fall introduction of the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro. The Pixel 5a, which recently received an extended display warranty and has a hint of green, is currently out of stock on Google Fi. It is expected to sell out soon.

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