Firefox version 102 from Mozilla now comes with yet another clever privacy feature. When you click on links on Facebook’s platform, the browser no longer allows the company to monitor you across the internet. The query parameters are automatically removed from URLs, or web addresses.

A piece of code called query parameters enables websites to follow users as they navigate the internet. They notify the originating website each time a link is clicked. As a result, websites will have a wealth of information about you that they can use for a variety of purposes, including serving tailored adverts. Following the question mark at the end of a URL, these parameters are shown as a string of characters.

When you leave a website, Firefox version 102 automatically removes the query parameters from the URL. By doing this, the original website can’t tell which links you clicked on. To demonstrate how Firefox’s new Query Parameter Stripping functionality works, Bleeping Computer constructed an test page . Several sample URLs with query parameters are provided on the page. These URLs create a new page without the tracking code when you use Firefox to access them. For instance, opening by clicking the enc id=12 link

Advertisement IT IS OPTIONAL TO USE FIREFOX’S NEW QUERY PARAMETER STRIPPING PRIVACY FEATURE. Firefox offers an optional capability that allows for the automatic removal of query parameters from URLs. From the Privacy and Security tab in Settings, you may turn it on. Here, replace Strict from Standard for Enhanced Tracking Protection. In the Strict setting, Firefox warns that some websites might not load correctly. If you run into issues like this, switch back to Standard.

Also keep in mind that even with Strict mode set, the anti-tracking feature does not function on Private windows ( via ). But you may manually push it. Enter about:config and then type “strip” into the address bar. Make the privacy.query stripping.enabled.pbmode option true by changing it from false.

Keep in mind that the desktop app is the only place where Firefox’s new privacy feature is accessible. It is not present in Firefox version 102 for Android. The most recent update just adds credit card autofill to the mobile version. On the other hand, the desktop version also offers an option to turn off the download panel’s automatic opening each time a new download begins.

Advertisement Of course, there are a lot of other ways for businesses to track your online actions besides query parameters, such cookies. Firefox fortunately offers some defenses against some of those. You can use Brave if you want a browser that is more concerned about your privacy.


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