Finally, Twitter has an edit button, although most users must wait

The news appears positive if you’re curious how the testing for the new functionality is going. The “test went smoothly,” according to the Twitter Blue account. As a result, the social media platform will broaden the scope of the test and roll out the Edit Tweet functionality to new nations. But for the time being, a sizable portion of Twitter Blue users will still not be able to use Edit Tweet.

After a successful test, Twitter Blue members in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand can now use Edit Tweet!
US is approaching
Blue Twitter (@BlueTwitter) October 3, 2022

Users in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand will now be able to test out Twitter Blue as testing continues. Twitter simply offered a single short message for the US: “US. coming shortly.” We don’t know when the rest of the world will be added, but even simply adding the United States will greatly increase the feature’s scope. That is precisely what Twitter needs in order to monitor how it is being used—or perhaps misused—and attempt to address any problems (should they arise) before the Edit Tweet tool is made available to all users.

Now, the beta test’s eventual rollout to Twitter users who do not use Blue will undoubtedly be the true test by fire. Elon Musk was generally a supporter of the edit option, but for the time being, all might change at any time if he decides to purchase Twitter once more.


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