Exposed In Leaked Images Is The Xiaomi 12 Lite

The light version of Xiaomi’s newest flagship phone, the Xiaomi 12, is about to go on sale. The Xiaomi 12 Lite, as it is known, was just made public in some leaked images. These pictures show the gadget from various perspectives.

Since the Xiaomi 12 is the brand’s current flagship device, it comes with all the top-tier features you would expect (especially the pro model). The phone’s Lite version is intended to be a less expensive model with some required trade-offs.

THE XIAOMI 12 LITE IS EXPOSED IN LEAKED IMAGES Even though this product hasn’t yet been released, Evan Blass has shown exactly how it will look. He published an tweet with images of the gadget, and they are rather straightforward.

Advertisement The phone’s display features a conventional minimum bezel design with a modest forehead and chin. The device has a punch-hole in the center that houses the front-facing camera.

On the right side of the gadget, we can see both the power button and the volume rocker. The back displays additional distinguishing characteristics. On the upper left of the display, there is a rounded rectangle that serves as the camera bump. With three segmented parts enclosing them in, it contains the three cameras.

With the other two cameras and the flash living in their own spaces, the main camera takes up the majority of the space. Because it shares the same design as the Xiaomi 12 Pros camera bundle, the design might look familar.

Advertisement In order to prevent it from appearing glossy, the back panel appears to be composed of glass with a faint roughness. The Xiaomi logo is vertically positioned in the bottom left corner of the screen.

The back glass of the phone really matches the color of the frame, which gives the impression that it is made of metal. That is a lovely decorative accent. Speaking of colors, the Xiaomi 12 Lite appears in three different hues in the leaked pictures. We have a light greenish-blue, pink, and black.

HOW DO THE SPECS WORK? You should take this information with a grain of salt because the specifications for this device aren’t official. The Snapdragon 778G SoC in this phone will enable a 6.55-inch display. Additionally, it can contain 128GB of storage and 6GB of RAM.

Advertisement A 64MP camera with an 8MP ultrawide and a 5MP macro lens may exist. A 4,500mAh battery might power the lights. We don’t know exactly when this phone will be released, but we do know how it will look.


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