Due to the increased demand for premium automotive, 5G, and green energy applications, Ample Electronic Technology, a supplier of conductive pastes and thick-film conductive materials, expects to record solid sales in the second half of the year.

Revenues at the company increased by 7.2% sequentially in the second quarter of 2022 to NT$303 million (US$10.1 million), and gross margin increased by 1.8pp sequentially and 2.83pp annually to 22.83%. Its earnings from January through June fell 34.4 percent year over year to NT$587 million.

Despite the second quarter often being an off season, Ample said its exports of a variety of pastes, including silver back paste for solar cells, were consistent, allowing its revenues for the quarter to climb sequentially.

In order to increase its business results, the company said it will accelerate the development of new product lines and new clients, notably those connected with automotive, 5G, and new energy applications.

The business emphasized that it will concentrate more on creating high-margin products, such as low-temperature sintered silver pastes for third-generation compound semiconductors, which are becoming more and more necessary for electric vehicle (EV), renewable energy, and high-frequency communications applications.

According to sources in the business, Ample has submitted samples of the new offers to prospective customers both domestically and internationally for validation and may begin commercial production in 2023.

According to the sources, low-temperature sintered silver paste has good adhesiveness for packaging substrates and high thermal conductivity, which can sustain the company’s growth momentum over the course of the medium and long terms.


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