Does Samsung’s temperature sensor do anything in the Galaxy Watch 5?

With a temperature sensor for more accurate health readings, the Galaxy Watch 5 was anticipated to be a superior fitness monitoring wearable. Unfortunately, it doesn’t currently appear that the temperature sensor has a wider purpose.

The Watch 5 is a little more advanced than the Galaxy Watch 4 series. If you reside in the designated areas, it has an upgraded BioActive sensor that can measure your blood pressure and ECG (electrocardiogram) with greater accuracy.

In terms of health tracking, the Galaxy Watch 5 really doesn’t offer much more than its predecessor for individuals who don’t live in locations where these functions are accessible. There is, however, a possibility things will soon alter.

THE GALAXY WATCH 5’S ACTUAL PURPOSE FOR THE TEMPERATURE SENSOR The built-in temperature sensor is one of the health aspects that isn’t frequently mentioned. Samsung highlighted the temperature sensor when the new wearable was first revealed, but there was a minor catch—it wouldn’t function when it was first made available.

galaxy watch 5 temperature sensor

The sensor itself is designed to be used for tracking sleep to assist in observing patterns when resting. The sensor found inside the Galaxy Watch 5 is only used for that purpose. You cannot use the Samsung Health app to view your daily temperature patterns or activate it like you can with heart-rate monitoring.

It seems strange to include a sensor and not use it beyond the intended application. In contrast, Apples new Apple Watch Series 8 is planned to use a temperature sensor for tracking menstrual cycles, which is a great use. Beyond that, the sensor might be able to be used in additional scenarios and offer a better knowledge of daily health patterns.

CAN WE EXPECT MORE APPLICATIONS IN THE FUTURE? The Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro don’t really make use of the temperature sensor in a meaningful way in their current configuration. With the potential for third-party developers to be able to incorporate that data into apps, there’s a chance we may see new uses emerge over time.

Of course, health regulations and rules across different locations represent a formidable barrier that Samsung must overcome. For instance, health regulations prevent the Galaxy Watch 5 from measuring blood pressure in the United States yet. It may be difficult to win approval for the sensitive feature of being able to take temperature measurements at any time.

The temperature sensor in the Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro has the potential to be more useful in the future. Sadly, this sensor isn’t something that can necessarily be used right now. It appears that the sensor will have to remain dormant within an activity-tracking wristband for the time being.

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