Bandwidth: Xbox releases As Dusk Falls on the first day of the cloud, and Boosteroid adds the Yakuza series

We are beginning to notice a rise in the number of day-one releases for cloud gaming services. As Dusk Falls is the game that Xbox Cloud Gaming will be adding this week. On the other hand, Boosteroid expands the list of games that may be played by adding the Yakuza series.

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AS DUSK DEGREES, XBOX CLOUD GAMING INCREASES In Dusk Falls, two families’ 30 years of life are depicted in dramatic fashion. The story begins in 1998 with a botched heist in Arizona, leaving you to decide how these characters will live the remainder of their lives. Because Dusk Falls is a single-player and local/online co-op game, you can round up your friends and invite them along for this dramatic voyage.

Dusk Falls will immediately make its way to the cloud when it officially opens on July 19 because it is also an Xbox Cloud Gaming day-one release.

Additionally, Forza DLC is being added to the mix by Xbox Cloud Gaming with Forza Horizon 5: Hot Wheels. In the Forza universe, players can create their own tracks from scratch. Of course, you can play such songs as well, allowing you to fulfill your childhood aspirations.

YAKUZA IS BRINGED IN BY BOOSTEROID When one studio decides to offer its game to a cloud-streaming service, others frequently do the same. That was evident when Xbox last week added three Yakuza games, and Boosteroid is now doing the same.

The lineup of games on Boosteroid is a little bit different from what we can discover on Xbox. Yakuza Kiwami and Yakuza Kiwami 2 are being added to the newly launched US game streaming service. Yakuza: Like A Dragon, which is a very different game from the previous two added, will also be available through the service.

NEW SUMMER TITLES NOW AVAILABLE FOR GEFORCE As usual, GeForce Now offers a few games available for play this week, including Loopmancer, an adventure where dying means starting over exactly where you left off. In addition, eight more titles are being added to GeForce Now:


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