Amazon Drive will no longer be used.

According to Amazon, the service is being discontinued so that it may devote all of its resources to Amazon Photos. While that makes sense, it’s crucial to keep in mind that Amazon Photos is not a complete replacement for the Drive and that if certain files aren’t downloaded before the service is turned down, they may be permanently erased.

With plenty of time to spare, Amazon disclosed the entire timeframe, including the actions you must do to secure your files. The official sunset date for Amazon Drive has been set to December 31, 2023, giving users more than a year to view their files. By the end of 2023, Amazon Drive will be formally shut down, and all of the remaining files will be deleted. Before that occurs, the Amazon Drive app will be removed from the iOS and Android app stores on October 31, 2022, further preventing new users from downloading it. You won’t be able to add new files to Drive after January 31, 2023, but you will still be able to browse and download everything that has already been uploaded.


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