According to reports, TikTok is creating a dedicated music streaming service.

TikTok heavily emphasizes music, and the Chinese video-sharing app has assisted numerous artists from around the world in promoting their works. However, the most recent news raises the possibility that TikTok is creating a music streaming business.

The US Patent and Trademark Office has recently received a trademark application from ByteDance, the parent firm of TikTok. TikTok Music is the name of the service, which would enable users to buy, play, share, download music, songs, albums, lyrics, live stream audio and video, edit and upload images as the cover of playlists, and comment on songs, albums, and playlists, according to Insider .

A music streaming service from TikTok may be introduced in the US. Resso, a similar music streaming service currently offered by ByteDance, is accessible in Indonesia, Brazil, and India. According to the trademark application, Resso and TikTok Music both offer community engagement, playlists, and song sharing.

Advertisement ByteDance developed Resso as a prototype, and it may be a sneak peek of what TikTok Music will provide in the future. This rumor is supported by the fact that TikTok users in Brazil are currently being directed to Resso to hear the song in its entirety. This approach might also be used with TikTok’s Music branch in the US.

Users can live stream audio and video interactive media programs in the areas of entertainment, fashion, sports, and current affairs, according to ByteDance’s trademark application file.

A significant business like ByteDance never submits a trademark application without a good justification. According to Insider, a business must demonstrate when applying for a patent in the US that it is either really using the trademark for the specified services or that it has a genuine (bona fide) intention to use it in connection with the sale of a product.

Advertisement The most recent actions imply that TikTok is getting ready to introduce its music streaming service and challenge Apple Music and Spotify. Already a strong competitor to Meta and its subset of platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, is TikTok. Additionally, TikTok has just begun testing mini-games on its platform and even enables users to add games to their movies. In addition to the music industry, TikTok appears to be gearing up to enter the game sector as well.


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