Zach Nelson’s official teardown video for the Galaxy Z Flip 4 has finally arrived after much anticipation. He took the phone apart after putting it through his durability test to check how it handled being opened up, and the findings are unexpected.

If you saw the initial durability test he conducted, you’ll find this video to be interesting. A strange pop under the display occurred during the bend test. The phone wouldn’t stay closed, but it didn’t actually shatter. Zach tried to learn this during the deconstruction, among other things.

THE DESTRUCTION WAS A SURPRISE So, the deconstruction proceeded as usual. Zach began by removing the display, which is when the surprise appeared. After the deconstruction, every other foldable phone had a screen that was shattered. The Galaxy Flip 4s screen, however, was unharmed.

Advertisement This appears to be due to a metal plate underneath the display. Without any breaks, the blade was able to pass easily underneath the display.

Nothing else unexpected happened in the remaining segments of the video. The phone features a thermal plate to keep it cool, and some parts, like the motherboard, speaker, button, and others, can be removed easily. He merely refrained from removing the batteries.

Once he reached the hinge, he could see that Samsung had altered the design. During the durability test, he was unable to see what caused the pop, though.

Advertisement Zach eventually succeeded in putting the phone back together and turning it on without incident. A first for foldable phones, that. Even the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 failed the test. In theory, if this phone can pass the test this time around, the following year’s model ought to be able to do the same.

Other businesses must surpass this hurdle if they wish to compete with Samsung in the market for foldable phones.


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