YouTube Shorts Will Soon Be Available On TV!

Shorts from YouTube will soon be available on Google TV and Android TV devices. This is a response to their need for more viewers of their short-form material. Google’s solution to TikTok is essentially YouTube Shorts. Recently, YouTube made it simpler to watch on a desktop. They were previously only available on the YouTube app.

As of earlier this year, YouTube Shorts had amassed 30 billion daily views on mobile devices. which nevertheless pales in comparison to the popularity of TikTok at this time. Therefore, YouTube intends to increase the feature’s accessibility for more users. Thus, YouTube Shorts were brought to the big screen.

Watching portrait videos on a landscape screen while watching YouTube Shorts on TV may appear a little strange. However, the TikTok app is already present on the majority of smart TV platforms and actually performs quite well.

Advertisement When it comes to TVs, YOUTUBE HAS A LARGE ADVANTAGE OVER TIKTOK. It is true. Regarding the huge screen, Google’s YouTube does have a substantial advantage over TikTok. Since practically every TV has YouTube installed, As opposed to TikTok, where users must go download it to their TV and login in, Some people might not want to do that. Regarding how well its app has performed on TVs, TikTok has been mum. Less than 5 million people have downloaded the TikTok app on the Android TV platform. Which, given that the Android app has been downloaded more than a billion times, is incredibly low.

The user interface wouldn’t likely differ significantly from what you see on your Android smartphone. Most likely, a YouTube short will be displayed in the center of the screen with enormous black bars on either side. Since YouTube is running on a TV and not a touch screen, it can’t really adjust the interface much or use those black bars. Since you’re using a remote, adding extra buttons would make it more difficult to operate.


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