YouTube is preparing a new video page for online and mobile users.

YouTube has been gradually introducing a new video page in recent weeks that modifies a number of features and, most significantly, unifies the appearance across Android, iOS, and the web.

The usage of pill-shaped buttons for essential components is the standout feature of this redesign. For instance, thumbs up/down and similar buttons are housed in a single container rather of having two separate buttons. The same treatment is given to objects you frequently interact with, such Share, Create (Shorts), Download, and others.

The carousel is now located (on mobile) behind the channel details, which are listed after the video’s title, view count, publish date, and hashtags.

This new design might also be compatible with Ambient Mode, which creates a more immersive experience by allowing the bottom of a video to spill onto the system status bar and description area. Fortunately, the overflow menu offers the ability to enable or disable this.

The top comment is now housed in a more noticeable container that really sticks out on the screen, which is another significant difference with this redesign. In the long run, this strategy might succeed in increasing participation.

On desktop , things are a little different because the video description now includes a visual call out, which should be advantageous to Creators.

This update has been gradually rolling out to more users over the past few weeks, but it has not yet been fully distributed out. With its new video page, YouTube seems to be moving in this direction, though. The present appearance is from 2020.


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