launches with a straightforward “Explore” page.

YouTube naturally developed into a location for both sharing content and viewing/listening to podcasts, and it is commonly anticipated that the Google video service will provide a more streamlined experience. Initially, a YouTube Explore page for podcasts will be available.

A leaked presentation from March reveals YouTube’s intentions for a podcast landing page. In addition to Trending, Music, Movies and Shows, Live, Gaming, News, Sports, Learning, and Fashion and Beauty, is now available and linked to on the existing Explore page. As it doesn’t exist for all of the customers whose accounts we tested today, it appears to have initially gone live in late July and is slowly becoming more widely available .

Available on desktop, mobile, and the web, it is currently somewhat basic. There are carousels for Popular episodes, Popular podcast playlists, Recommended, and Popular podcast creators, which can be expanded by selecting Show all. The rest of this page has connections to a number of genres, including comedy, true crime, sports, music, TV and film, and more.

Instead of viewing something more streamlined, you are simply scrolling through standard video thumbnails. On Android, tapping one simply launches the standard player and does not automatically switch to the Listening controls offered to YouTube Premium customers. Large buttons and shortcuts are provided for saving, liking, and easily changing playback speed.

YouTube Podcasts Explore

While it is unknown what the UI for YouTube Music will look like, the podcast user experience is certain to improve with time. It should be out of the way for those who only wish to listen to music on that application.

Google Podcasts, on the other hand, is probably going to be incorporated into this rather than operating as a separate app. It’s a shame because that Search-related experience was really user-friendly and effective.

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