Your phone might become nothing with the new skin from dbrand.

You have probably experienced the pain of one of Nothing’s announcements if you reside in the United States. Many people were thrilled about the phone, which never made it to the United States. There is a solution to fill the gap, though. A new skin from dbrand will transform your phone into a Nothing Phone (1).

You ought to be familiar with dbrand by now. This company creates skins for a variety of gadgets, including cellphones and gaming consoles. The companies are also not hesitant to use wit and humor when marketing their goods.

A new skin created by DBRAND will transform your phone into a useless object (1) What is the company’s response to the US market being excluded for the Nothing Phone (1)? Android Police claims that dbrand has created a new skin for your phone that makes it look like the Nothing Phone (1). The business created a range of tear-down skins that resemble the Phone (1)’s design almost exactly.

Advertisement You can see through the back glass of the Nothing Phone (1) when you examine its design. You can see some of the internal components protected by a white or black shielding within.

A skin created by dbrand closely resembles that kind of design. The business has previously produced transparent tear-down skin, but these new ones also exhibit shielding that covers the components. The name of the skin is the icing on top of this humorous sundae: Something

Now, dbrand didn’t build an exact clone of Nothing in order to avoid legal problems. In actuality, it looks like dbrand just added a new design to their already-existing tear-down skins for the iPhone 13, Samsung Galaxy S22, and Pixel 6.

Advertisement In the same dot-style that Nothing employs for its phone, dbrand placed the word Something to the bottom left of the skin to complete the appearance. Unless Nothing takes the firm to court, this skin will remain in place for some time, the company claims.


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