Your old Android phone should be recycled: where and how to do it

Although it may seem obvious, you shouldn’t simply throw away your outdated Android phone. It’s always a good idea to recycle old phones and use them to make new ones in the future, whether or not you can make money out of it. Your alternatives for recycling your old Android phone will be presented to you in this tutorial. Even money could be made from it.

Recycling your old Android phones is only a positive decision. Here is the process for recycling a phone.

You give your old phone to a business or service, and they may pay you. After that, the phone is either repaired and sold, or it is disassembled and some of the parts are used as raw materials or components in new gadgets.

A few good things result from doing this. Ideally, the refurbished gadget is given to someone in need of a respectable phone at a reasonable price, or the phone’s parts are recycled. Almost little in that phone is wasted in any circumstance.

In all honesty, cell phones are rather pricey. It may be simpler for more people to purchase a device if you can let your old one go through one of these procedures. Mass recycling eventually might even lower the price of new technology. Although these materials typically started off as something other than a phone component, businesses like Google and Samsung make at least a minimal attempt to include recycled materials in their products.

RECYCLING OPTIONS FOR OLD ANDROID PHONE Imagine there are just two possibilities. Making the decision to throw away a device is made much simpler by destroying or recycling it. However, it almost becomes simpler to recycle them when you step back and consider all of your possibilities.

Here are a few methods for recycling your outdated Android device:

Market it Deliver it to a recycle bin or other facility. Exchange it for a new gadget. Send the product back to the maker. These are all sensible solutions for getting rid of gadgets that are just lying around and gathering dust. In fact, receiving payment in exchange for the gadget is a part of three of the four possibilities mentioned above. Only if you voluntarily return your equipment to the maker will this not happen.

Advice: Be sure to perform a factory reset on your smartphone before you do any of these.

ONE: MARKETING YOUR DEVICE There is always someone out there willing to buy your device, regardless of how old it is. Selling your equipment is typically rather simple, and there are a ton of websites that can enable you to do so while safeguarding both you and the buyer.

Generally speaking, we advise using Swappa to sell your gadget to a potential buyer. There are a few fees, but as long as you follow the regulations, the staff is usually extremely excellent about making sure you collect your money from the person buying.

Recycle Android phone on swappa

Decluttr is an excellent alternative if you want to recycle your Android device without having to go through the trouble of a sale. Decluttr takes your devices and recycles or refurbishes them for you rather than selling them to someone to use. Once the process has begun, you will receive a welcome package with a label so you may package your device and send it to them. When you arrive, your apparatus will be examined, and you’ll be compensated.

2. LEAVING YOUR DEVICE AT A PLACE While you may receive somewhat more money when selling a device online, giving your old Android phone to be recycled at a trade-in kiosk can be a more simpler approach. There is no need to deal with a third party, and the transaction happens quite quickly.

The ecoATM service is a well-liked one. You can take your phone, drop it off, and get cash from kiosks operated by EcoATM that are located in busy areas. The fact that there isn’t a standard setting for each device is the only drawback. Instead, you must bring your phone and allow the kiosk to scan it in order to calculate its value. Accepting a decent offer will allow you to receive money.

You can always bring the item to Best Buy if it is beyond repair and you don’t think you’ll be able to sell it for money. You may take your outdated phone and release it into the wild thanks to Best Buy’s no-questions-asked gadget recycling service. Of course, unlike some of the other options available, Best Buy does not provide any compensation.

Recycle Android phone at BestBuy

3. TRANSACTING WITH YOUR DEVICE Most OEMs are prepared to accept device trade-ins when a new phone is released in order to reduce the price of the new handset. Manufacturers will occasionally even raise trade-in values to tempt you to return your outdated electronics.

When the Pixel 6a was made available for purchase, for example, trade-in values for previous Pixels skyrocketed, making it seem irrational not to trade in your old gadget. By exchanging your old phone, one can be reused and used again in the future, contributing to a cleaner environment.

Trade in Android phone

These exchange programs are not just offered by Google. Almost every significant OEM and carrier offers a program where you can trade in your old smartphone in exchange for a lower price on a new one. This is a simple method to obtain a significant discount.

4. TRANSMITTING THE DEVICE TO THE FABRICATOR Most OEMs accept used devices shipped directly to their door in addition to trade-ins. They will then be able to reuse or recycle the device and eventually turn it into a new one. Here are a few initiatives by well-known businesses:

Google Samsung Due to the manufacturer’s discretion over how to administer the program, each of these programs differs in specific ways. The Google program appears to be the simplest to participate in out of these three. Unfortunately, unlike trading it in using Decluttr or another application, these schemes typically do not offer reimbursement for consumers sending their gadgets in for recycling.

Advice: Decluttr includes a charity option that enables you to donate your compensation to a worthy cause if you don’t care about getting paid for your equipment.

SPECIAL OPTIONS Upcycling is a recycling technique for gadgets that isn’t quite standard practice. By upcycling, you can reuse your device without disassembling it. Use Samsung’s SmartThings, for instance, to transform your outdated Galaxy handset into a sensor for home automation. Older Galaxy phones have the ability to listen for and record vital noises, such as a baby crying or an alarm going off, to warn you of impending danger. They can also be utilized as a light sensor to turn on the lights when it becomes dark outside.

There are numerous solutions available, regardless of how you want to recycle your outdated gadget. You really can’t go wrong between selling it for cash and dropping it off at Best Buy. Your old Android phone will continue to be useful if you recycle it after it has served its purpose. When you consider how many devices are produced and sold year, recycling is a great choice.

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