Your Nest Hub Timers and Assistant Speakers Will Soon Be Available in “At A Glance”

The At A Glance widget seems to be about to become much more helpful. Google may be aiming to move the timers you set on a Nest Hub or Nest Audio speakers to that part of your home screen after adding Nest Doorbell alerts and flashlight reminders last month. making it much simpler to swiftly glance at things.

9to5Google has disassembled the Google app’s most recent version, v13.26, and discovered that the At A Glance widget will soon have a few new settings. Cross-device timer and timer data from your home devices are two new strings that have appeared.

This implies that a new toggle for timers and stopwatches will most likely be added to the At A Glance settings. You will therefore be able to view it on your Pixel’s home screen if you requested Google to set a timer from your Nest Hub Max. making this equipment interact more closely.

Advertisement TIMERS WILL FINALLY SYNC ACROSS THE PLATFORM. Timer sync issues between Android and other Google Assistant devices are a common complaint among Android users. They are still compartmentalized, but this new feature suggests that may no longer be the case. It won’t be as horrible, at the very least. It’s not yet clear whether you’ll be able to end the timer from your Pixel’s home screen or if you’ll still need to go to the device you set the timer on.

Both Google and Apple have failed to implement this rather basic feature. You cannot see a timer you’ve set on your iPhone, not even on the Apple Watch. And the iPhone and HomePod operate in a similar manner. Hopefully, this is something that can be resolved as soon as possible.


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